Feb 2021

Relocation can be expensive, especially if you haven't planned properly. But, sometimes, even if you have planned it properly, you may have to face unexpected accidents, and you will have to spend more money on it. We all love to save money when we eat outside, shop, travel, etc., so why not while moving to a new place? Here we have discussed a few essential things that can help you cut down your expenses

Choose Right Moving Day  

To save immensely on the inflated pricing charged by the moving company, choose weekdays (Monday-Thursday) or mid-month (5th-25th of the month) to shift. Because weekends (Friday-Sunday) and month-ends (25th of this month to 5th of next month) are the most expensive time to plan your move, as the demand on these days is high. 

Get Charge Quotations

Every shifting service provider has their own way of calculating cost estimations. Contact movers and get at least 3-5 cost estimations to compare their charges, brand reputation, services offered, etc., before choosing the best match packing company based on your budget and requirements.

Sort out Unwanted Goods

The number of goods you are moving is the main factor that influences other factors like size of truck, amount of packing supplies needed, number of laborers required, etc. Declutter your goods to reduce your moving cost.

Negotiate With Movers

Don’t accept the quote offered by the packers as it is; smartly negotiate with them to reduce the moving cost. You must check and make sure that they have not included any hidden charges in the invoice handed over to you.

Prepare your goods

To avoid paying for the repairs of your electronics and appliances, prepare your goods before the move like clicking pictures of furniture, defrost the fridge, empty water filter, remove cables from TV, etc., and prepare your goods for the relocation. 

Manage Your Utility

In the excitement of moving to a new place, don't end up paying bills for the services you haven't used. Contact your utility service provider like Cable TV, DTH, Wi-Fi, LPG agency, newspaper company, etc., to disconnect or transfer your services.

Trying to save money during relocation is not just about reducing charges, but also about avoiding unnecessary extra expenditures. We hope that we have provided sufficient information about how to reduce your relocation expenses. Keep these points in mind when you are shifting and considerably cut down your moving.

Happy Moving!