For long-distance moving, hiring packers is not a big deal, but claiming reimbursement for damages is challenging. It’s very important to hire a shifting company that provides insurance coverage for your goods, few relocation service providers offer insurance coverage for an additional rate.

During a long-distance relocation any unexpected accident like fire, natural disasters, etc., can happen. It’s advisable to buy insurance coverage for your moving goods, especially for domestic, international, office, vehicle relocation, and so on. So that if there is any damage caused during transit, you can claim compensation.

Vivan Packers, your reliable shifting company, over years we have built a strong trust among our clients. For domestic, international, office, vehicle relocation services, we provide you with basic insurance coverage at no additional cost. For local relocation, we offer insurance coverage upon your request for an additional charge if you have more fragile or antique items. If there is any damage caused to your goods or if any of your items are lost during the relocation, you can easily claim compensation.

Types of Insurance Coverage

  • Basic Carrier Liability

    Basic carrier liability is the lowest coverage insurance policy. Any registered/licensed packer mover will provide you this coverage during your move at minimum cost/no additional cost. This coverage offers you minimum compensation, which means you will only get a minimum amount as compensation for any of your goods that are damaged/lost during the moving process.

  • Declared Value Protection

    In the declared value protection insurance policy, the claimable compensation amount depends on the value of your goods that are damaged/lost during transit. You must first declare the value of your goods to the movers, this allows them to have a record of how much your belongings worth. Based on the declared value of the goods you will be able to get the compensation amount.

  • Full Value Insurance

    Full value insurance is the most inclusive type of liability, this is the most expensive insurance policy. Purchasing this policy depends on how expensive your goods are. You can claim for the replacement of the lost/damaged item or you can claim full cash compensation amount for your goods that are lost/damaged during the move.