International moving requires a lot of planning and preparation, it can be done only by a professional. To hire the right packers and movers, you must have to do a lot of research such as checking their company profile, brand reputation, services they provide, contact details, their performance in your destination country, reviews, rating, etc. This is time-consuming, instead, hire well-known packers and movers like Vivan Packers.

Vivan Packers have been a trusted moving company for years; we are known for our professional service, transparent cost quotations, and friendly customer support team. With a skilled crew who have proper knowledge about packing, moving, and handling goods, we help our clients to shift their household/office goods by neatly packing and safely delivering them on-time, at your destination country with absolute care and zero-damage. We also provide insurance coverage so you can claim compensation if your goods are damaged or lost during transit.

International Relocation Process

  • Pre-move Survey

    We send our team of experts to your location to conduct a pre-shift survey. They will have a look at your home and make a list of the goods you are shifting and also discuss your relocation requirements. They will estimate the charges based on the weight and volume of your goods, delivery location, quality of packing required, insurance policy required, any additional services like unpacking service, etc., are required.

  • Disassembly

    We carefully dismantle your furniture and electronic appliances, etc., systematically following right guidelines and using apt tools like wirecutter, wrench, screwdriver, etc. so that your items are easy to move.

  • Packing

    We do multi-layer packing using top-quality packing supplies like corrugated fiber boxes, ply-wood boxes, molded pulp, carting, corrugated sheets, tamper-proof bags, shipping boxes, polypropylene bags, wrapping paper, inflatable airbags, bubble wraps, foam roll, polystyrene peanuts, etc.

  • Loading

    Your goods will be safely loaded in the best-fit truck, and it will be carefully transported to the air/sea terminal. Then your goods are loaded in LCL FCL, containers which will be loaded in the ship/cargo flight.

  • Moving

    Your goods will be transported via seaway/roadway depending on your choice. Goods will be delivered on time to your doorstep. We also provide tracking ID and contact details of our partnered company at your destination location.

  • Costumes Clearance

    We take care of all the legal paperwork required at the customs clearance like the import-export documents, etc., to ensure smooth and safe relocation.

  • Doorstep Delivery

    Once your goods are out of customs clearance, they will be delivered to your doorstep safely. We provide unpacking and reassembly services for an additional price upon your request.

How to Prepare for International Relocation

  1. Plan

    Plan your international relocation at least 1 month before the moving date, to avoid last-minute rush.

  2. Prepare Checklist

    Prepare inventory and keep track of it, cross-check it during loading and unloading. Packers will also have checklist; don’t sign it until you read it completely and agree with the terms and conditions.

  3. Documents

    Keep the originals and photocopies ready of all the important documents like passport, visa, immigration, ID proof, etc.

  4. Get your health checked

    For international relocation, you should do a complete health check-up before you move.

  5. Prepare Your Pets

    To move your pets along with you, it’s necessary to take the required precautions. Visit a vet, check the health of your pet, and take their recommendations, keep all the required documents like vet certificate for travel, vaccination reports, etc., ready before relocation.

  6. Provide Contact Details

    Provide you contact details like destination address, phone number, alternative contact number, etc., to the moving company.

  7. What not to ship with movers

    During international moving, it’s advisable to carry your essentials like medicine, personal care, pair of clothes, etc., and your valuables like jewelry, laptop, important documents, etc., do not ship them with the moving company.