A new office location brings lot of joy and excitement among employees, but the risk of relocation is still the same. Your office goods are fragile and huge, without the help of a professional who knows how to systematically handle the move, it’s highly risky. Hiring packers and movers has become a critical task as there are so many shifting companies these days, among them, there are so many unprofessional companies who will get you into moving scams like adding hidden costs to your bill, mishandling your goods, etc.

Vivan Packers, well-known packing and moving company that offers a one-stop solution for your office relocation requirements. We completely take care of your move from disassembly, packing to unpacking, reassembly, and setup of your new workplace. We are known for on-time delivery, professional services, transparency with the customers. We provide damage-free relocation in less time along with insurance coverage.

Office Shifting Process

  • Pre-Move Survey

    We send our expert crew to your office location to conduct a pre-shift survey. During the pre-move survey, you can discuss your shifting requirements with them. This is the best way to get accurate cost estimations.

  • Disassembly

    Our skilled workforce carefully dismantles office goods like whiteboards, projectors, AC, fans, chairs, tables, etc., following proper guidelines and using the right tools.

  • Packing

    Our moving laborers pack your office goods using top-quality packing materials such as cardboard boxes, fiber boxes, molded pulp, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, packing paper, inflatable airbags, etc. to ensure safe and secure relocation.

  • Loading

    Our skilled moving laborers use apt goods handling equipment like furniture dolly, slide-shifters, belt conveyors, hand-truck, belts, straps, etc. for easy and safe loading-unloading.

  • Transporting

    We have a wide range of goods carrier trucks like Tata 407, Mahindra pickup, Eicher 14/17ft., Bolero, etc., we choose the right size truck to fit in all your office goods to ensure safe transportation.

  • Unloading

    Our laborers use appropriate material handling equipment like slide-shifters, furniture moving panels, belt conveyors, hand-truck, etc., to safely unload all your office goods at your doorstep.

  • Unpacking

    We unpack all your goods carefully, and we also cross-check with our inventory to keep track of your goods.

  • Reassembly and setup

    Our moving team systematically reassembles all the goods and set up your new office space in minimum time. Quickly look for damages and check the working condition of your goods and report any issues to the moving company right away to claim compensation.

Packing Moving Tips for Safe Office Relocation

  1. Start Planning Early

    To avoid last-minute rush it is better to start planning your move as early as possible. Office shifting is more difficult than household relocation because there are a lot of delicate and bulk goods in the office; so the moving and packing process will take considerably more time.

  2. Hire Packers and Mover

    Relocation is tough and expensive, and you can't take your own time to move because the office cannot remain closed. Hire professional packers and movers to safely shift your office goods in less downtime.

  3. Label Everything

    Once everything is packed, don't forget to label each and every box, this will make the unpacking process easy, as labeling makes it easy to identify things. You can even assign a number to each employee's workstation so that all of their items end up in the same place.

  4. Insure Your Move

    Even if you pack your goods securely, damages can happen due to unexpected accidents. Purchase an insurance policy for your office items, so you can claim compensation if any unexpected damages happened.

  5. Additional Tip: To avoid goods getting misplaced, ask your employees to pack and label their own desks.