Moving to a new city is great, but how are you going to shift your car/bike? Are you planning to drive it all the way? No, it's not possible at all as there are so many risk factors like unexpected accidents, health problems, etc. Moreover, you will be spending more money than a vehicle transporting company will cost. So why do you want to take up so much risk instead, hire packers and movers for stress-free and smooth shifting.

Vivan Packers is the best choice for relocating your car/bike. We are a one-stop solution for all your shifting needs, our main motive is to provide the best moving service to our customers at an affordable cost. We check your vehicle condition before and after transporting, using the right vehicle carriers and the best goods handling equipment we ensure safe loading-unloading. We offer insurance coverage for your vehicle, so you can claim compensation if any damage happened during the relocation. We share tracking IDs, so you can easily track and get updates about your car/bike.

Vehicle Shifting Process

  • Verify Vehicle Documents

    We verify your vehicle documents like RC book, Emission test, Road Tax, Insurance, Drivers license, etc., and collect photocopies of all the required documents. We offer insurance coverage for your vehicle and offer timely doorstep delivery.

  • Check Vehicle Condition

    We check your vehicle condition like dents, scratches, number of kilometers used, fuel available, tire pressure, brake, gear, etc., and make note of it before and after shifting.

  • Disassembly

    We dismantle removable parts like mirrors and other customized accessories carefully before packing. We use proper tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., to dismantle them before delivery.

  • Packing

    We pack your car/bike using high-quality packing materials such as foam edge guards, foam sheets, bubble wraps, plastic wraps, inflatable air cushions, etc., to ensure there are no scratches or damage caused during relocation.

  • Loading

    We use apt goods handling equipment like a metal ramp, horizontal positioning cage, push-on & push-off systems, distributing chutes, straps, etc., to skillfully load and unload your car/bike.

  • Transport

    We have a wide range of vehicle carriers like Volvo, Tata, BharatBenz, Hindustan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra SML, etc., to safely transport your car/bike from one place to another.

  • Unloading

    Using appropriate equipment we cautiously unload your vehicle at your doorstep on-time.

  • Unpacking and Reassembly

    We unpack your vehicle and also reassemble all the parts that were removed. You can check for damages or any issues and report right away to claim compensation.

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle Before Moving

  1. Required Documents

    During relocation make sure you take multiple copies of all your important vehicle documents like RC book, insurance, DL, emission test, road tax, etc., and provide photocopies of these documents to your moving company for a smooth relocation.

  2. Wash Your Car

    Any dust/dirt can easily hide dents and scratches on your car. It’s advisable to wash your car before relocation when your car is clean, you will be able to notice all the dents/ damages on your car.

  3. Don’t Refuel

    Your vehicle is being relocated via car/bike carrier, you don’t need to refuel it. Refueling will only add extra weight to your motor vehicle.

  4. Vehicle Condition

    Before relocation check your vehicle condition like leakage, tire pressure, breaks, dents, etc. After your car/bike is delivered you must check once again for damage & claim compensation if there is any.

  5. Remove Custom Accessories

    The odd shapes/sizes of the customized accessories in your vehicle will cause damage while loading-unloading. To avoid this remove all the customized accessories of your car/bike.

  6. Lock the Car

    Once your vehicle is loaded in the car/bike trailer, there is no reason for it to be left open. Locking your motor vehicle will reduce the risk of theft.